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For our COM451 Communication & Marketing module, my group had to develop a marketing plan to help our selected brand (GymmBoxx) recruit new customers.

I was the lead designer in this project.

The Brand

Brand Analysis

GymmBoxx is an affordable and premium gym brand that offers quality gym facilities and services for consumers to achieve their desired health and fitness goals. Possessing both a walk-in policy and several membership plans, the brand also enables individuals to have the freedom to schedule their fitness programs at their convenience in a clean and comfortable environment.

Brand Equity

  • Being a well-established and easily recognisable local brand, GymmBoxx possesses high brand knowledge among its target consumers. 

  • The brand also has moderate esteem among working-class individuals and young adults.

  • Due to its active social media presence, we can conclude that GymmBoxx is high in relevance as a gym.

  • However, the brand is low in differentiation due to its limited brand offerings.

Based on the analysis, it can be inferred that GymmBoxx requires further building of its brand equity. It needs to gain stronger relevance and innovate to improve its point of differentiation in order to become the preferred gym of choice for working out.

Campaign Plan

Campaign Objective

To raise awareness and generate interest among young working adults and students about GymmBoxx with the intention of persuading them to sign up.

Target Audience

Male and female students and working adults, between 18 to 35 years of age.

Key Campaign Message

Gymmboxx provides you with a variety of premium fitness equipment. Working out should not be a chore.

Campaign Timeline

Evaluation of Campaign

Firstly, an analysis will be performed with a focus on the increase in trial sign-ups, the increase in membership sign-ups, and the usage of the new pop-up gyms through attendance numbers. This is the most direct indicator of whether the campaign has led to a greater interest in exercising regularly.


Secondly, the number of clicks on the EDM will be monitored so as to gauge the effectiveness of the advertisement in encouraging the target audience to join GymmBoxx.


Lastly, the number of impressions (i.e. likes, reposts, and shares) on the social media advertisements will be monitored as well.



Poster to be put up on outdoor advertising as well as bus stop and MRT billboards

Social Media Post

Instagram post anticipating the launch of container gyms



EDM sample to be sent via email to Gymmboxx members

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