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Dreenk is a trendy conceptual bar created for my COM447 graphic communication module and my first brand identity project.


My general logo idea was centered around the martini glass. I decided on the martini glass amongst the rest of the glasses because not only is the martini glass one of the most iconic cocktail glasses, the martini drink is also rather underrated in Singapore.

The first sketch was meant to be a martini glass laid horizontally. However, I could not achieve the ‘D’ the way I intended to thus the change to a wine glass. Despite the change, the brand name ‘Dreenk’ was still not prominent enough, which led to the ideation of Sketch 2.


In Sketch 2, I tried to go for a more skeletal look and incorporate the martini olive pick into the design. It ended up being a bit too simple for my liking. The brand name was also a bit too small and not easy to read.

Scan copy.jpeg

For the third sketch, I altered the glass to become fuller instead of just the skeleton and kept the olive pick idea, but this time moving it to below the glass.


The final design is based on the third sketch. The dark colour used is to give off a classy vibe, which is offset by the animation style. This is to symbolise how Dreenk bar is a bar for anyone and does not take itself too seriously. The colour of the ‘Dreenk’ brand name was chosen to match the colour of olives. The circular emblem was used to establish an identity and sense of heritage.



In the initial sketch, I tried to create
a more classy look: a dark background with a clipping mask over a few cups of drinks. However, the whole look did not fit my ‘Dreenk til you drop’ slogan and did not give off the right feel for a launch event.

Splash Drinks w bg.png

In the second sketch, I tried to use a fall- ing glass to manifest the ‘drop’ part of ‘Dreenk til you drop’, while still having the dark background. The box that encloses the slogan was meant to be negative tone to create contrast against the dark background. I felt like this still did not achieve the impact I wanted.


The final poster is based on the notion that Dreenk bar is meant to be a fun bar that is suitable for anyone. From the average university student to a well-established businessman, Dreenk bar is for anyone who knows how to let loose. The logo colours were altered to pink to match the general theme of the poster. The text is intentionally skewed to imitate one's inability to walk or even see straight when they have drunk til they dropped. The font used is literally named ‘The drunken man st’ and gives off a messy look.


The general idea for the brochure was to steer away from creating something that looked like a menu and be more promotional, highlighting the special features that make Dreenk bar different.

Since Dreenk posits itself as a bar apart from the rest, the chosen cover image was intended to create movement compared to a classic brochure cover page lacking dynamism.

The typeface chosen is serif instead of the san serif typefaces used in the logo and the poster. This is with the intent of conveying a more solid message about the specialties of the bar, taking a more serious approach.

Learning Points

This module has taught me how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign beyond just the basics. During the creation of every mini-project, I had to be proactive in looking up tutorials on YouTube, especially so if I was unsure of how to use certain tools in the software.

I had previously taken online courses to learn the basics of Illustrator and Photoshop. This module taught me much more than what I learnt in those courses. I also realised how one can never be sure they know everything because I learned a new skill during the creative process of each project.

The area I struggled with the most during the entire module was the selection of typefaces and how to pair different typefaces to make a coherent project. There are so many typefaces to choose from and even though some may look similar, one may not pair as well as intended with another typeface. I spent most of my time selecting the right typeface but I believe there is still much for me to learn in this area.

This module has also taught me a lot about the creative process. A project is not as simple as just doing what you like. Taking note of the graphic design principles was very important in making sure that the message was successfully conveyed to the audience. It is also not easy to apply every principle in every project because some of them may work against each other.

All in all, this was a very enriching module with a good blend of tutor guidance with self-learning. Having a willingness to self-learn was a rather important aspect in the learning process. This module has also inspired me to continue seeking out more opportunities to create projects.

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